At The House of Nomads - the expression “Nomad” signifies, a traveler. Inspired by the idea of a global traveler, The House of Nomads was born. The brand’s philosophy is to provide globally inspired contemporary home décor products to beautify your homes. It is a platform where the traditional locale designs blend with the prevailing trends.

We understand that people love the process of beautifying their homes and creating spaces that mirror their interests and a bit of themselves. We believe this process can be even more satisfying with the selection of our curated products that blend art, aesthetics and functionality. We are committed to support craftspeople, reduce environmental impact, make our customers’ homes welcoming and beautiful.

We aim to be a one stop shop for products as well as expertise and inspiration. We have just started, and the future looks exciting and promising. There is so much to explore, experiment and create. We look forward to adding beautiful, aesthetic and unique designs to your home.